Tracklist :


1. Davhelos - Borderline (Original Mix)

2. Davhelos - Going Crazy (Original Mix)

3. Davhelos - All My Way Of Life (Original Mix)


Release date: 2014.05.19

Label: Parallel Music


The signs of a borderline personality disorder are marked sensitivity to rejection and thinking about and feeling afraid of possible abandonment. Overall, the features of a borderline personality disorder include unusually intense sensitivity in relationships with others, difficulty regulating emotions, and impulsivity. Other symptoms can include feeling unsure of one's personal identity and values, having paranoid thoughts when feeling stressed, and severe dissociation.

About these tracks :


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Critical Mass, Vol. 6 on the label High Pro-File Recordings




The track "Going Crazy" appared on the following compilation : 


Fragments 22 - Experimental Side Of Minimal Techno - on the label Momentum League

Critical Mass, Vol. 11 on the label High Pro-file Recordings




The track "Borderline" appared on the following compilation :


Essential Sound Of Ibiza 2014 - on the label GR8 AL