Ecco & Davhelos - Ghost In The house (E.P.)

Tracklist :


1. Ecco, Davhelos - Ghost In The House (Original Mix)

2. Ecco - Eclipse (Original Mix)

3. Davhelos - Fair Trade (Original Mix)


Release date : 2015-06-01

Label : Parallel Music







About these tracks :


The tracks "Fair Trade" has been played by Albird in Eagle Sessions #17


The tracks "Fair Trade" has been played by Andre Palazzo @ Kamaloca Club (22-04-2015)  


The tracks "Fair Trade" has been played by Thomas Genchev @ Eruption Radioshow

Support & Feedback


D-FORMATION (Beatfreak)
Thanks for sending.


Albird (BluFin/Ballroom/Eagle Sessions) 
Fair Trade is my track on this one! nice and dark!


Manuel Palmitesta (Frequenza Records)
Fair Trade is excellent. Thanks!


DJ Dep (Circus / Stereo / Clarisse / Blackflag 
Support For This EP


Roger Sanchez (Stealth /ReleaseYourself/Under the Rader )
Downloading to try out, thanks


Marwan Sabb_ 
good ep :) 


thanks for the music!


Dany T (Hypnotic Frames/Deeperfect/Bla Bla/Harvibal/Metrosism/AnimalsMus)


Groovegsus (Klangwerk Records)
3 Bombs , thanks !!


Leon (Music On/CHT Records)


Wilian Kraupp 
thanks for promo!


Romforlove (Rewind, Yoruba Grooves)
Eclipse has the energy I am looking for! Big thanks Ecco!


Stacey Pullen 
cool thanks


Tks for Radio Studio One


Marco Carola (Music On)
downloading for marco carola. thanks


Stefano Lotti 
Downloading... Thank you!


Nikko S 
Thanks for the release.... big support!!!


Paco Osuna (Plus 8)
Will try thanks ;)


Mark Netty 
amazing ep thx :) 


James Kininmonth 
Ghost in the house is good for me. Thanks 


Nico P 
Love it!


GerZinio ((jacks house TV ) )
Ghost in the house and Fair trade right down my street - :) thanks 


Miss Mee (Patsada, Robsoul)


SeanMcCaff (Coochy Music/ Sound Architecture)
Full Support !


Joseph Capriati 
Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks.


Emery Warman 
Eclipse for me ! Will try! Thanx


Nice one guys :) Eclipse for me 


Niki Belucci (Radio FG)
cool one


Joshua Puerta ( ride music , tulipe , antura recs)
cool , downloading , thanks ;) eclipse!! top


DJ RIm-K (fm brussel)
Eclipse works best for me :)


Enrico Saba aka C_sky (Deeperfect/Lapsus Music/Diva/)
Nicei try it


Petri Petro 
Nice EP!!!! thanks


Lady Poune 
merci :)


Ronny Muller 
full support ! ;-)


GruuvElement's (Groove On/Stereo Production/Natural Rhythm) 
thanks for music


Alexandro Tachyani 
Eclipse for me, thanx ;) 


nice , thanks 


Groove Federation 
many thanks


Loudbass (Alboratory,Aquasound, Room69, Whoyostro)
Nice ep , thanks !


Alex Fuente (Serkal/Inmotion/Natural Beat)
nice thanks! 


Nikki Flame Jordan 
Yes let's go let's hav it!! Full support


Jayce (Colours Audio, United Kingdom)


Kenny Brian (Time Has Changed/Resopal Schallware/Takt Records/Pacha/Monique S)


Thomas Genchev 
thanks for the music, downloading ! 


Thanks ! big EP 


Tianko (Lapsus Music / Decide / Kimbo Records)
Cool EP. Will play Fair Trade. Thanks for the music. 


Dj Ocaso (Pure.FM, Dirty P. Radio)


American DJ (MBF, Maintain Replay, Ultradrum)
"Eclipse" for me. Thanks for sending.


Ahmet Mecnun (MAKOSSA / Expectancy)


Oscar Holgado (System/Baroque/Balkan Connection)
Solid release, thank you very much!!!


David San (Psicodelica) 
downloading .. thxx 


DRUMMER (Low Pitch Records)
cool sounds,eclpise is my fav..thanks


Kon Up 
Great EP "" Eclipse for me.. thnx..


Global Dance Session 
Some nice work here.